Cybersecurity in the Age of Ransomeware

Join Navigant and Bloomberg on Thursday, October 26th

Cyber attacks are on the rise and news of thefts and data breaches have illustrated the widespread, devastating impact such incidents have had on corporations and institutions around the world. The victims range from the Democratic National Committee to pharmaceutical giant Merck to global law firm DLA Piper, costing billions and prompting a federal policy review across such critical infrastructure sectors. Experts forecast the cost of cybercrime damage could hit $6 trillion annually by 2021.

How can businesses and organizations handle the increasing complexity of data as they respond to the changing nature of risks and risk management? We’ll go beyond the headlines to provide strategies and solutions for businesses to respond and prepare in an increasingly connected world.

Bloomberg Next will convene technology executives, industry leaders, corporate counsel and experts for a critical discussion on technology developments, risk assessments and implementation in the regulatory framework.

This live conference brings together technology executives, corporate counsel, and cybersecurity experts to discuss strategies for protecting your business or organization against cybercrimes.

The session will focus on:



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