International Energy Program Evaluation Conference


The International Energy Program Evaluation Conference (IEPEC) is an annual professional conference for energy program implementers; evaluators of those programs; local, state, national, and international representatives; and academic researchers involved in evaluation. The purpose of this conference is to provide a forum for the presentation, as well as a critique and discussion of objective evaluations of energy programs. The conference advances the goals of conserving natural resources and reducing greenhouse gas emissions by helping to overcome one of the key barriers to implementing energy efficiency programs. The core product of this conference is the documentation of unbiased, peer-reviewed evaluations that establish the basis for accurate information and provide credible evidence of program success or failure. In addition, the conference presents information on current issues, market assessments, emerging technologies, and alternatives to traditional centralized supply-side options. The presentation, discussion, and publication of these analyses make important information publicly available.

During this year's event, Navigant had several professionals presenting:

Randy Gunn, managing director at Navigant; Frank Stern, managing director at Navigant; Jes Rivas, director at Navigant; and Justin Spencer, associate director at Navigant, will also be in attendance.



Baltimore, Maryland

Key Contacts

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