First Illinois HFMA Chapter Webinar

Navigant's Kristin Greenstreet Presents, "Change is Growth: The Shifting Dynamics and Market Forces Affecting Revenue Cycle"

Healthcare is in the midst of a transformation. The move from volume (fee-for-service) to value, ICD-9 to ICD-10, and ongoing mergers and acquisitions throughout the country, represent just a few of the many industry changes that threaten the financial sustainability of healthcare providers. So what do these shifting dynamics and market forces mean for the revenue cycle? Most organizations have not taken the necessary steps to improve financial performance now and effectively prepare for future success.

This presentation will focus on the need for change in the revenue cycle and some of the key trends emerging across the country for leading practice revenue cycle models. Information will be shared about the leading practice healthcare models, case studies, and industry changes. There will be a focus on the patient experience and the link between improved customer service and improved revenue and reduced costs.




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