Further Developments in Predictive Coding: Current and Future Applications in E-Discovery

E-Discovery ABA Webinar


Navigant’s Nathaniel Huber-Fliflet will discuss applications of predictive coding in an ABA Section of Litigation CLE Webinar.

This program will focus on the current day applications of predictive coding and with a look towards its future. The expert panel will discuss how the technology works, its application within E-Discovery lifecycle, negotiating protocols and future applications.

Nathaniel Huber-Fliflet states, “Advanced text analytics like, predictive coding, have helped legal teams target the right content for review and significantly reduce cost for many years now. Much of this success has been associated with applying predictive coding to traditional documents types like email and Microsoft Office files. In the future, challenging reviews of non-traditional document types like, audio and video, will become more efficient through the use of predictive coding. Speech recognition is now accurate enough to enable predictive coding effectively and defensibly.”

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