Insurance Coverage Litigation Committee CLE Seminar

CLE Seminar


Navigant’s Brad Murlick, Mark O’Rear, and Seher Dholakia are presenters at the Insurance Coverage Litigation Committee CLE Seminar meeting in Tucson, AZ. This CLE program addresses the latest developments in insurance law from leading lawyers and insurance professionals.

We hope you can join us for the following sessions:

Managing Risk South of the Border: A Discussion and Survey of Strategic
Claim Handling Issues and Legal Trends in Latin America

What are the practical and legal considerations of doing business south of the border? A panel of insurance industry leaders, top legal practitioners from the region and international dispute resolution specialists will survey industry practices, claims handling procedures and dispute resolution trends in Latin America’s hottest insurance and reinsurance markets.

Moderator: Lida Rodriguez-Taseff

Speakers: Andre Jacques Luciano Uchôa Costa, Jose S. Núñez Gomez, Brad Murlick, Sean R. Santini, Duncan Strachan

Builders Risk for Power and Energy

This panel will discuss key components of builders risk policies and provide attendees with a comprehensive approach to preparing claims and analyzing coverage through the use of real-life examples to illustrate possible scenarios.

Moderator: Theresa A. Guertin

Speakers: J. Wylie Donald, Seth Friedman, Mark O’Rear

A Sword and a Shield: The Property Policy Appraisal Clause

Nearly every property policy includes an appraisal clause that is intended to resolve valuation disputes between insurers and insureds when they cannot agree on the value of a loss. However, when the appraisal process is misused or is not conducted properly, it only invites further disputes regarding the effect, scope, application, and implication of an appraisal. Learn how and when to effectively use an appraisal clause.

Moderator: Nicholas B. Reuhs

Speakers: Marco Cercone, Seher Dholakia, Brent Huber, Jacki Wise



Loews Ventana Canyon / Tucson, AZ

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