Concurrent Delay – the Owner’s Newest Defense; Part 3 of 5 Part Webinar Series hosted by WPL Publishing

Concurrent Delay – the Owner’s Newest Defense Part 3

In the third of a five part series focused on best practices in construction delay claims and time extension requests, Navigant’s Emily Federico and Jim Zack will explore the newest defense mechanism available to defeat the concurrent delay defense when owners impose liquidated damages at the end of a delayed project in a webinar titled, “Concurrent Delay – the Owner’s Newest Defense” on February 25, 2016.

Webinar Highlights:

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The fourth webinar in this series, “Pacing Delays: The Practical Effect (Revisited)” is scheduled on March 2nd.

The fifth webinar in this series, “Ghost Schedules: What, Why, & What’s the Risk?” is scheduled for March 9th.




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