Documentation and Proof of Delays; Part 1 of 5 Part Webinar Series hosted by WPL Publishing

Documentation and Proof of Delays Part 1

In the first of a five part series focused on best practices in construction delay claims and time extension requests, Navigant’s Eileen Englert and Steve Pitaniello to present insights on how having a well-documented claim provides a strong foundation that leads to more effective and efficient resolutions on construction projects in a webinar titled, “Documentation and Proof of Delays” on February, 11, 2016.

Webinar Highlights:

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The second webinar in this series, “Time Extension Requests – A Checklist” is scheduled on February 18th.

The third webinar in this series, “Concurrent Delay – The Owner’s Newest Defense” is scheduled on February 25th.

The fourth webinar in this series, “Pacing Delays: The Practical Effect (Revisited)” is scheduled on March 2nd.

The fifth webinar in this series, “Ghost Schedules: What, Why, & What’s the Risk?” is scheduled for March 9th.




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