Georgia HFMA Webinar on Clinical Documentation Integrity

Clinical Documentation Integrity Webinar

As we shift from a volume-based payment system, accurate clinical documentation plays a vital role in ensuring organizations are appropriately reimbursed for the care they are providing.

This webinar will present key strategies that will help organizations put ICD-10 and its role in value-based healthcare into perspective for clinicians. It will demonstrate how accurate specific documentation can help affect the organization in several ways, ranging from quality reporting and accurate reimbursement, to efficient delivery of healthcare – all providing measurable value to the patient.

After this presentation, participants will:

About the Speaker

Terrance Govender, MD, C-CDI, CHBC, is a director in Navigant Consulting, Inc.’s healthcare practice. His more than 13 years of clinical and healthcare management experience includes extensive clinical experience across several specialties. He has been responsible for the development and implementation of several clinical documentation programs and has successfully leveraged his clinical experience and business acumen to garner support of physicians involved. Dr. Govender’s healthcare background extends beyond the boundaries of the United States, having practiced in the United Kingdom as well as South Africa, where he practiced under the ICD-10 system. His passion for the business side of medicine is evident from his experience in healthcare management and consulting.




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