Environmental, Mass Torts & Products Liability Litigation Committees’ Join CLE Seminar

CLE Seminar


Navigant’s William Downs and Scott Carr will speak at the Environmental, Mass Torts, and Products Liability meeting in Park City, UT. This CLE program brings well-respected in-house counsel, government employees, members of the judiciary, and plaintiffs’ and defense counsel from across the United States.

We hope you can join us for the following sessions:

Drone On! Emerging Legal Issues for Commercial Use of Unmanned Aerial

Vehicles (UAVs): Will You and Your Clients Be Ready for the Invasion of American Airspace?

As U.S. industry embraces the developing technology of drones, on a daily basis we see alarming news stories about near-miss mid-air collisions, drones crashing on the White House lawn, risky flights in public places and intrusive flights over private property. At the same time, there are exciting and innovative uses for drones that will change business as usual in

countless industries. These events raise important issues of public safety, user liability, invasion of privacy, private property rights and information security. With technology and sales outpacing the FAA’s ability to regulate the commercial use of drones, there are many uncertainties circling

this fascinating and emerging area of law. This panel brings together leading practitioners at the forefront of drone regulation, to address current laws effecting commercial use of drones from products liability, mass torts and the environmental perspectives.


Tools to Hit a Bullseye at Your Next Mediation

Using business analytics to determine case value, the audience will participate with an experienced mediator and self-described “data nerd,” a federal judge, and in-house counsel in an interactive exercise to analyze step-by-step a hypothetical case to predict the ultimate settlement outcome. 



Park City, UT

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