Suzanne Blanton is a senior manager on Navigant’s research services team and is responsible for secondary research for the firm. Suzanne is motivated by the dynamic nature of research, allowing her to dig into many topics, and enjoys being asked questions that challenge her to think creatively.

The best part of my experience with Navigant has been the people. I feel very fortunate to work on a team with a strong sense of collaboration and support for one another. Not only do I have tremendous respect for my colleagues, I enjoy working with them as well.


There is no typical day for Suzanne. Her team is responsible for answering complex questions from colleagues across Navigant that vary from day-to-day. From providing insights on Medicaid managed care to researching drug pricing in Spain, Suzanne and her team are professional problem-solvers.


Suzanne appreciates the wealth of professional development opportunities Navigant provides and has participated in several training seminars, including a three-day management training on emotional intelligence and leadership sponsored by Navigant.

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