Maurice Perrinjaquet is an associate director on Navigant’s life sciences team. Maurice works with clients to navigate opportunities and challenges in the healthcare market to impact their global strategy and patient access to therapies that improve health outcomes.

I initially joined Navigant in New York, then transitioned to London, and I am now in Berlin expanding our European offices and client reach. My consulting experience across these three separate offices has allowed me to have a wide breath of exposures to clients, types of engagements, as well as healthcare system challenges to address.


Each day for Maurice is unique and tailored to his clients’ needs. A typical day involves managing multiple teams across a variety of offices, and time zones, to collaborate on in-depth research that delivers innovative strategies and actionable solutions for clients in the biotech, medtech, and pharma industries.

Maurice is passionate about the positive impact innovative medicines can make in patients’ lives and is excited to be part of the global transformation through his work at Navigant.


There are numerous personal and professional development activities available to employees at Navigant that allow you to grow your expertise and expand your capabilities; don’t be afraid to utilize them. Maurice explains that even though you may start in an area you are highly familiar with, take advantage of any opportunities to learn about a new issue or join a new team to widen your skill set.

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