Matthew Moosariparambil is an associate director in Navigant’s banking, insurance, and capital markets practice. Matthew specializes in supporting clients with regulatory compliance issues, operational reviews and enhancements, current state risk assessments, counter-party due diligence, and accounting issues within the financial services industry.

Navigant has provided me many opportunities to grow professionally and personally. I enjoy the challenging nature of our work and driving positive change for our clients.

Q & A with Matthew Moosariparambil 

Q: Describe what a typical day at Navigant looks like.
A: The typical day is centered around delivering exceptional client service. We are here to serve our clients and that entails a wide variety of activities.

Q: What excites/motivates you about the work you do at Navigant?
A: Working with financial institutions of all sizes and helping them solve complex problems. The ability to add value to our clients’ business is very rewarding and motivating. I love when our clients hire us for repeat work. It is a testament to the value we are providing.

Q: How would you describe the culture of Navigant?
A: Navigant has a culture of collaboration, respect, and flexibility, and the teams we work on embody these values.

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