Over the past several years, Martin and his team have successfully supported the launch of 15+ pipeline assets, supported 10+ inline brands, and executed 50+ complex projects. He specializes in developing and supporting highly flexible, adaptable, and innovative biopharmaceutical organizations.

Q & A with Martin Trautmann

Q. What opportunities have you had as a result of your hard work and time with Navigant?
A. I have been able to be part of an amazing growth story, driven by organic growth, I've been a part of an energetic, highly creative, and adaptive team and I have the degrees of freedom to help shape how the market might evolve.

Q. What professional development opportunities have you had access to at Navigant?
A. Aside from the standard consulting training, I had the chance a few years ago to attend the executive program at Singularity University, which was a highlight and very welcome to insert fresh thinking into my day-to-day work.

Q. What inspires you?
A. Human accomplishments that have led us to today's level of insight and civilizational advancement. I have been able to get a glance at some of it through my engagement with the Renaissance Weekend and my work on the board of Network 20/20.

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