Elena Stavrakas is a director in the healthcare life sciences practice. Since joining Navigant in 2008, Elena has specialized in biopharmaceutical strategic commercial advisory with particular focus in rare diseases, commercial launch excellence, as well as M&A and business development strategy. She has more than 10 years of experience in life sciences, beginning her career in healthcare investment banking and transitioning into consulting. 

Q & A with Elena Stavrakas

Q. Describe Navigant in one word.
A. Inspiring

Q. What do you think sets Navigant apart from our competition?
A. Exceptional talent, committed, hardworking, and creative colleagues

Q. What opportunities are there for you to get involved in extracurricular activities within Navigant?
A. While it can be challenging to fit in extracurricular activities, our colleagues at Navigant make it look easy. I find tremendous inspiration and value in being surrounded by smart, creative people who are always on the go.

Q. How would you describe the culture of Navigant?
A. Collaborative, fast-paced

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