Dennis Butts is a managing director in Navigant's strategic healthcare transformation practice and a leader within the clinical integration team. He specializes in designing and developing clinically integrated networks, physician alignment strategies, system-wide strategic plans, ambulatory market solutions, and service line plans.

Navigant’s unique culture is built on expertise and implementation.


For Dennis, each day brings a new challenge externally with his clients and internally within the practice.

Externally, Dennis helps clients navigate through their most difficult business issues. He works hand-in-hand with senior leadership teams at Navigant to develop new strategies to make the transition from the current volume-driven model to a new model where healthcare providers are rewarded for the value of services they provide. Dennis oversees the project work to make sure it meets client objectives and budget requirements, communicates findings to senior leadership teams in status update meetings and larger forums to gain buy-in, and develops relationships with key decision-makers to ensure that Navigant is well positioned to serve as a trusted advisor on an ongoing basis.

Internally, Dennis serves on the leadership team of the strategy healthcare transformation practice where he works with the team’s co-leaders to develop go-to-market strategies and the firm’s most important asset – our people. Dennis serves as an evaluator and mentor to several junior team members to ensure that they maximize their potential and are afforded career development opportunities.


Dennis is motivated to break down complex problems and he finds personal satisfaction in seeing the positive impact on peoples’ lives. He describes the work at Navigant as “inspiring” because it goes beyond business solutions and has an impact in so many individuals’ quality of care.

His role helps health systems move from a model that rewards volume of health services, to one that centers on the value of how healthcare is delivered.


According to Dennis, Navigant offers professionals the opportunity to adopt a “major” and focus on an area that’s of particular interest to them. He appreciates Navigant’s well-rounded structure, which allows professionals to diversify their skills by adopting a “minor” to learn about other areas of focus within healthcare.

He says the culture is built on expertise and implementation. The caliber of knowledge Navigant’s professionals bring to clients is unique and, according to Dennis, the firm’s ability to implement strategies and bring plans to life is a key differentiating factor.

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