The path to success in healthcare has become complex due to a myriad of challenges, including shrinking operating margins and inpatient admissions, the drive from volume to value, consolidation across all sectors, new market disruptors, consumerism, and the advance of digital health. On their own, any of these shifts could alter the shape of healthcare. Taken together, they’re changing the face of the industry, requiring providers, payers, and life sciences companies to a take transformational approach to how they operate.

Navigant helps our clients build the optimal scale and scope of programs, products, and services that anticipate change; manage clinical, operational, and financial objectives to achieve peak efficiency; and protect their future by reducing performance risk and proactively accepting risk in new business strategies.

Navigant’s Healthcare segment is comprised of consultants, former provider administrators, clinicians, and other experts with decades of strategy, operational/clinical consulting, managed services, revenue cycle management, and outsourcing experience. Professionals collaborate with hospitals and health systems, physician enterprises, payers, government, and life sciences entities, providing transformational performance improvement and business process management solutions that help them meet quality and financial goals. Our transformational solutions include:

Comprehensive Revenue Cycle Management Solutions
With a focus on controlling costs and increasing efficiencies, healthcare organizations are looking at the critical drivers of revenue cycle performance. With margins at around 3 percent, nationwide, hospital revenue cycle management services can help lower the cost to collect. Navigant’s award-winning comprehensive revenue cycle management solution utilizes a customized approach that integrates revenue cycle expertise and best-practice processes with our proprietary software. Our end-to-end revenue cycle solution addresses front-end, mid-revenue cycle, and back-end functions that holistically secure revenue which might otherwise be lost, while focusing on quality, consistency and sustained delivery for future success. We customize our solution to every client’s unique needs and can work across all health information system platforms (Epic, Cerner, Meditech, etc.).

Transformational Performance Improvement Solutions

Consumer demands for a more connected experience are turning traditional care models upside down, while growth and margin compression is exacerbated by further reimbursement evolution. As a result, providers must operate at the nexus of performance improvement, strategic growth, and digital health to thrive in this new era.

Navigant’s Transformational Performance Improvement solutions are multi-phased strategy and implementation engagements focused on helping hospitals and health systems improve performance across multiple areas. Through these integrated engagements, Navigant partners with our clients to drive quality, cost, operational, and patient experience improvements. Areas of focus include managed care and payment innovations, revenue cycle management and outsourcing, digital health, payer-provider partnerships, physician and clinical integration, supply chain, and workforce innovation.

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