Tax Reporting Solutions

Successful tax planning can be a critical component for Life Science companies.  We have experience conducting valuations for U.S. and international tax purposes.  Our areas of expertise include:

  • Nonqualified deferred compensation (IRC §409A) – IRC §409A stipulates that the total fair value of equity-based compensation be recorded as a compensation expense.  We have experience utilizing the appropriate valuation methodologies for IRC §409A purposes and provide clients with well-supported and defendable valuations.
  • Corporate Restructuring – As companies reorganize their corporate legal structure to better align with their international tax strategies, the need for valuing individual entities often arises.  Our valuation professionals have experience performing entity valuations and addressing the issues the complexities of valuing individual companies that are part of a consolidated group with significant intercompany transactions. 
  •  Cost segregation studies – Cost segregation studies reclassify real estate related assets into asset classes with shorter depreciable lives, which accelerate tax deductions associated with depreciation.  We have experience in conducting these studies for Life Sciences companies related to newly constructed or acquired commercial buildings and distribution facilities.
  • Transfer Pricing Studies – We provide accounting, valuation, and economic transfer pricing services that are objective, reliable, and withstanding of challenge by the Internal Revenue Service.  We have studied and defended transfers of tangible property, intangible property, intercompany loan agreements, intercompany services agreements, and taxpayers’ basis for inventory costing.
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