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Fairness Opinions are an essential part of many public company merger and acquisition transactions. They are also often needed on private placements of equity and insider transactions to provide assurance to a Board of Directors that the shareholders are being treated fairly.

Navigant's Transaction Advisory practice is well-suited to meet public company fairness opinion needs. We’re objective and, most importantly, we’re truly independent. We are not influenced by long-standing trading positions, research recommendations or holdings of large amounts of clients’ equity or debt securities. We do not perform audit work, which means conflicts are not an issue. We have long been a proponent of industry rules governing objective, conflict-free advice and have consistently implemented relevant FINRA guidelines.

Objectivity is not the only reason why a Navigant Transaction Advisory fairness opinion is an especially valuable tool for Boards of Directors in meeting their fiduciary responsibilities. The professional experience of our team, coupled with our hands-on industry experience, enables us to deliver solutions to the most complex company-specific or industry problems.

Sample Transactions include:

    • Healthcare management firm seeking to go private
    • Technology firm facing a proposal from its majority shareholder
    • Small insurance company spinning off a marketing entity jointly owned with several insiders
    • Special Purpose Acquisition Corporation (“SPAC”) acquiring a shell company that in turn acquired a 49% legal interest in a Peoples Republic of China cable company

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