Defense companies the world over are facing a degree of uncertainty that is historic in its magnitude. Technologies are changing at a pace never before seen; globalization is taking a back seat to nationalistic tendencies. Government programs are fewer in number, smaller in size, and therefore have higher stakes than in the past. Changing administrations cause perturbations in major program requirements and budgets – which are themselves hobbled by sequestration and continuing resolutions. Add to that a diminished military and the impotence of government labs to transition useful capabilities or drive new markets by stimulating innovation, and private industry is left with a “perfect storm” of risk. Yet there is huge opportunity for those that are well positioned and agile, but it does not happen of its own accord. How should companies position themselves in this chaotic and rudderless world? Navigant’s defense and national security strategy consultants can help. Our solutions include:

  • Growth and market penetration strategies
  • Emerging market and emerging product or application strategies
  • M&A targeting
  • Market, product, technology, and operations due diligence
  • Major program sales and marketing support
  • Technology and innovation platform strategies
  • Customer engagement strategies
  • R&D portfolio and product development strategy

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