Due to the severe consequences of criminal prosecution to business organizations, the government is increasingly opting to resolve investigations of corporations through alternative means such as deferred prosecution agreements (“DPAs”) or non-prosecution agreements (“NPAs”). In addition to requiring the payment of fines and penalties, DPAs and NPAs often impose the requirement of an integrity monitor to oversee business operations to ensure that past misconduct is not repeated and that remedial measures are fully implemented. Federal, state and local government agencies are becoming increasingly proactive in appointing monitors to oversee major public works projects to ensure that projects are completed on time, within budget and without corrupt influences. Federal and state courts have also turned to monitors to enforce consent decrees entered into by public and private litigants to ensure that the terms of the consent decrees are faithfully carried out. 

Navigant’s integrity monitoring team includes former federal and state law enforcement agents and prosecutors, forensic accountants and subject matter experts from a variety of industries and disciplines who have the experience, judgment and expertise to assist corporations, government agencies and courts in successfully rehabilitating companies, overseeing major public works projects and ensuring the implementation of court-approved settlements. Navigant’s professionals also assist federal and state government agencies in pursuing investigations on behalf of the government and in providing forensic support to government investigations. Our solutions include:

  • Monitorships
  • Outsourced Investigations
  • Training

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