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Organizations involved in Intellectual Property Disputes require expert guidance to help protect their intellectual assets and ownership rights. At Navigant, we serve a wide range of industries and organizations involved in patent, copyright, trademark/trade dress, and trade secret disputes. We have significant experience analyzing and testifying to damages and other economic issues of every scope and size.  


  • Expert testimony – Navigant experts regularly testify on the reliability and value of economic damages assessments in federal and state courts and other domestic and international forums.
  • Reasonable royalty analysis – We routinely provide expert testimony on the outcome of a “hypothetical negotiation” between litigating parties to determine damages based upon a reasonable royalty for the subject intellectual property. 
  • Lost profits – Navigant experts have testified on the profits that would have been realized absent or “but for” the alleged infringement or misappropriation of the subject intellectual property. 
  • Unjust enrichment analysis – We frequently opine on the ill-gotten gains, including the apportionment of profits, of the defendant due to its alleged misappropriation of trade secret information or infringement of copyright, trademark/trade dress, and design patents.
  • Unfair competition and Walker process 
  • Valuation – We provide intellectual property licensing and valuation for various business purposes outside the context of litigation. We develop well-documented and defensible valuation conclusions. 
  • Loss of intellectual property rights

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