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The Internet of Things (IoT) is rapidly becoming ubiquitous, and the coming wave of 5G mobile technology promises to accelerate this trend. In industrial systems and consumer products, embedded sensors and connected devices are showing up everywhere. And industry-specific applications — including dedicated monitors and sensors in healthcare, financial services and insurance — are driving efficiency and reliability, reducing waste, transforming customer relationships and unleashing new revenue streams.

Used properly, the ability of the IoT to collect and report data can be a competitive game changer. It is not, however, without very real risks, ranging from added costs and uncertain ROIs and outcomes to significant new security concerns.

There is no IoT finish line. Customers are successful when they build a flexible strategy that will evolve as they move through the journey. With our IoT experience and expertise in your industry, Navigant can help you define specific and achievable business goals, determine key performance indicators to track progress and define success, and align your organization from your IT group all the way through executive leadership.

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