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Blockchain represents one of the most promising and least understood technological developments of our era. In the right contexts, we see blockchain as a game changer that can help our clients achieve competitive advantage, reduce risk and elevate regulatory compliance.

Yet with its tremendous potential benefits, blockchain carries with it real and significant issues around regulatory change management, governance, risk and information security, and privacy.

So whether it’s applied to cryptocurrencies or many of the other ways that blockchain promises to revolutionize transactions, we’re strong advocates for the “eyes-wide-open” approach.

We’re ready to be your partner in maximizing blockchain’s value, with:

  • Cryptocurrency expertise From initial coin offerings (ICOs) to cryptocurrency transaction monitoring, Navigant can help manage the myriad of regulatory and compliance issues you face, including BSA/AML, know-your-customer, OFAC/Sanctions and many others.
  • Best practices and new developments monitoring — We’re always tracking the latest developments in blockchain applications from our perspective as global experts in the energy, financial services and healthcare industries.
  • Applied sector expertise — We know your industry and can help you capitalize on the most promising opportunities to apply blockchain to your business.

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