Product Market Access, Pricing and Reimbursement Solutions

Securing market access is integral to optimal product development, commercialization, and life cycle planning. We collaborate with life sciences clients to help develop and integrate market access insights into clinical and commercial decision-making.  

We combine economic expertise with healthcare modeling and analysis, to identify and substantiate value drivers for products in development. Through stakeholder mapping, unmet needs and funding flow analysis, and value proposition optimization, we assist clients in defining and developing differentiated products through our value substantiation and quantification solutions.

In addition, we apply the Science of Market Development, as pioneered by Dymedex Consulting (a Navigant company) to provide data-driven market analysis to help medical device and life sciences companies accelerate adoption and maximize growth. Our methodology assesses the true barriers to broad market adoption informed by the comprehensive analysis of failed, niche, slow-growing, and wildly-successful medical technologies. So, companies can invest and plan accordingly to realize their product's true market potential and improve their ROI.

Strategy, Evaluation, and Planning Solutions:

  • Stakeholder mapping/funding flow analysis
  • Accurate and quantifiable disease modeling1
  • Strategic Market Assessment (SMA)
  • Value proposition optimization/evidence substantiation planning
  • Payer mock negotiations
  • Pricing strategy (including quantitative/qualitative pricing analysis, formulary positioning, benchmarking)
  • International price reference modeling

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1 Navigant Consulting acquired substantially all of the assets of Quorum Consulting, Inc. The addition of the experienced Quorum professionals, as well as the firm's methodologies, expands Navigant's capabilities in the life sciences industry.

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