Moveable Equipment Inventories are utilized by institutions to comply with the OMB’s Uniform Guidance to verify the existence and completeness for the moveable equipment assets on a room-by-room basis throughout the institution.  We provide “outsourcing” services to augment your institution’s asset management department. Most assets in a medical setting are highly mobile and difficult to track. Through our fixed asset software, we can provide tracking of assets and identify missing assets in real time.


Features of our moveable equipment inventory valuation services include:

  • Verification as to the existence and completeness of your current fixed asset ledger
  • Identification of unrecorded asset additions, transfers and retirements.
  • Identification of asset donations, assets on loan from vendors and assets on loan from other medical centers or governmental agencies.
  • Correction/remediation to the accounting fixed asset records for reconciliation items to provide a more accurate depreciation report.
  • Identifies assets that may have been misappropriated.
  • Identifies surplus assets, duplicate assets where a merger/acquisition has recently occurred, or planned, or assets no longer in use which can be monetized or provided to other research programs.
  • Minimizes auditor comments regarding deficiencies in capitalization policy, fixed asset management practice, and controls relating to moveable equipment.
  • Potential for insurance and property tax benefits.
  • Compliance with Medicare/Medicaid reporting.
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