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The delivery of services to diverse groups of customers in the public sector remains a careful balance of resources, assets and capabilities harnessed to meet a broad range of outcomes that tax payers expect and demand. Finding the optimal balance between what must be delivered in a cost effective and quality driven manner and what can be sustained in the new economic context is a challenging process of prioritisation and finding new ways of defining what organisations can be accountable for delivering. Creating innovative solutions requires qualified, objective advice. Navigant are leaders in working to support organisations through an inclusive programme of discovery, design and execution. The needs of clients, the organisation and wider policy drivers are always prioritised and solutions are tested and revised before implementation. Navigant has award winning experience in brokering successful programmes from across the private and public sector and our tailored, expert teams draw on these engagements to bring levels of excellence and rigor to supporting all our clients to meet their most pressing operational challenges.

Navigant’s experts are engaged across the country working with local authorities, councils, central government, central government agencies and the private sector to meet the challenges of working in new, efficient ways through:

  • Whole system mapping and peer-based performance evaluation;
  • Stakeholder engagement and review - external assessment of quality and value;
  • Benchmarking of costs, resource utilization and productivity;
  • Commercial and contract reviews – efficiency of supply chain and procurement processes; and
  • Right sourcing – stop, change or creation of new models of service deployment.


“Navigant’s public sector consultants have provided quality advice to Newham for a number of years. On this assignment Navigant was able to draw on its financial services professionals to deliver a unique perspective on Operational Excellence and Finance Transformation, alongside its existing knowledge of Newham.  Navigant’s small team of experts worked with our people to draw out and document the opportunities available to us to transform our finance function. This collaborative approach, their frankness and objectivity in their role as a critical friend and their private sector experience was invaluable to us.  Navigant continue to provide advice on robust project management discipline and rigour as we work towards full implementation of their recommendations.”

Angela Paterson
Strategic Finance Advisor, London Borough of Newham




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