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The UK public sector is facing a period of austerity, following a decade when public sector spending increased significantly in real terms.  The cost of the fiscal stimulus package, combined with a fall in tax revenues and higher unemployment, is placing significant pressure on public finances.  In response, the Coalition government has embarked on a programme of budget cuts that is unprecedented.  Major capital programmes have been suspended and all government departments have been required to significantly reduce their budgets.  Underpinning the Public Services team offer is a commitment to helping the public sector deliver economically, efficiently and effectively for its communities.

Our multidisciplinary team is constantly at the leading edge, helping our clients to innovate. Our team are industry leaders in developing strategy, business planning, fund raising and programme delivery. We work with policy makers to help them shape policy to enable our clients to deliver improved services.  We support our clients in optimising scarce resources to the benefit of their communities. We have advised over 100 public sector organisations, and also advise the leading private sector organisations that contract or partner with the public sector.

We understand the needs of our core client base  and are best placed to work alongside them to develop and implement solutions to meet these needs. Our skills are equally relevant to the private sector and are transferable across geographical boundaries.

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