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By leveraging Navigant’s professional onshore and offshore compliance experts, our clients can focus on their core business processes while increasing cost savings and reducing regulatory risk. Our Compliance Business Process Outsourcing (“BPO”) unit offers experienced resources to handle many routine consumer finance compliance functions. Our services include:

  • Federal and State Originations and Servicing Compliance Testing
  • HMDA Compliance Testing
  • Claims Processing and Reconciliation
  • Vendor and Servicer Oversight, Continuous Monitoring and Testing
  • Audit File Support Packages
  • Data Scrubbing/Conversion Accounting


Our Compliance Expert

Navigant’s full-time onshore/offshore employees are experienced compliance and operations professionals. All personnel have completed a comprehensive NASSCOM background check and many possess relevant industry experience. Navigant’s team is at the “front” line of regulatory issues working with top 20 banks and consumer finance companies. Thus emerging issues and regulatory interpretation are incorporated into our training/testing. All offshore work undergoes some level of QC review by our U.S.- based Management team. Our U.S. group holds regular status calls with offshore project managers to review project status, logistics, and answer questions. Extensive physical and data security is provided to keep client data secure. Navigant’s onshore team conducts stringent training for the BPO team. The BPO team is informed of and trained on specific client requirements and regulations so that customized services can be applied for a client’s unique needs. The onshore team performs Quality Control of all work performed during the training phase and provides feedback to the offshore team including setting up additional training sessions as needed. Our BPO team provides the following advantages:

  • Expertise in dedicated subject areas
  • Processes that have passed regulatory scrutiny
  • Flexibility to handle regulatory change
  • Staff to handle compliance needs (remediation, monitoring, managing regulatory change, etc.)
  • Dedicated teams

The result is a seamless customer experience with no trade off in quality of work performed.

Benefits of working with Navigant’s Onshore/Offshore BPO team include:

  • Increased cost savings
  • Reduced regulatory risk
  • Increased efficiencies
  • Improved service and profitability
  • Enhanced risk management
  • Quickly adapt/scale up to address newly identified risks

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