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The financial market turmoil of the past few years has catapulted risk management to the forefront of senior management’s agenda.  This uncertainty has led to increased demands from regulators, rating agencies, shareholders, and others for a formal, effective and transparent risk management approach.   Navigating the current environment requires a clear definition of your risk appetite, paired with a solid risk management methodology. 

Navigant’s risk management team assists financial institutions from all sectors with the development of robust risk management frameworks that address compliance demands and enhance decision-making.  We offer a broad range of risk management services to banks, asset managers, insurance companies, and government institutions to assess, manage, and mitigate risk.

Our experienced risk management professionals – quantitative specialists, former bankers and regulators, technology architects – bring a thoughtful approach to risk management and compliance to help establish disciplined management of credit, market, and operational risks through detailed assessments, process re-engineering, and model review and validation. 

Navigant’s comprehensive risk management solutions include:

  • Accounting Policy
  • Compliance
  • Credit Risk Management
  • Fair Lending
  • Model Risk Management
  • Mortgage Operations
  • Stress Testing and Capital Planning

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