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Continuous Asset Monitoring (CAM) is a proprietary automated analytics tool that centralizes servicing oversight including compliance and performance monitoring. It provides unparalleled portfolio transparency, utilizes data analytics to test 100% of loans in a portfolio daily, and centralizes servicing oversight on a single platform. CAM transforms the traditional methods of monitoring to a more efficient, accurate, automated process, that saves time, labor costs and reduces the risk of targeted manual testing in high-risk areas. Navigant’s experienced team has developed exhaustive loan level test plans that identify exceptions to regulatory rules by area of impact, facilitating design and execution of effective remediation plans. Navigant’s CAM increases compliance monitoring effectiveness, optimizes resources dedicated to servicers compliance programs and mitigates compliance, reputational, operational, legal and fiduciary risk.

Navigant offers a comprehensive menu of services:
  • Entity Readiness – Navigant can assist the client in keeping the entity poised to acquire new MSRs
  • Sub-servicer Program Governance & Framework – Navigant can assist the client in designing a robust sub-servicer oversight program
  • Sub-servicer / loan due diligence – Navigant can assist the client with evaluating various business partners
  • Transaction Negotiation Support – Navigant can assist the client with transaction execution
  • Automated Continuous Compliance Monitoring of Sub-Servicer – Navigant can provide real time transparency into potential servicing issue via our continuous monitoring solution
  • Periodic on-sight Assessment of Sub-servicer – Each quarter (or semi-annually) Navigant can conduct an assessment of the sub-servicer
  • GSE Support – Navigant can assist the client with GSE compliance and oversight
  • Value Maximization – Navigant can assist the client in maximizing both loan and MSR value
  • Servicing Transfer Assistance – Navigant can assist with servicer transfers

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