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Navigant manages the integration complexities between back-office and field-based operations to address and optimize technology convergence.

Typical Client Challenges:

  • Aligning technology investments with a strategic, long-term roadmap
  • Managing technology integration and adoption challenges
  • Establishing best practices for data, management, and analytics integration
  • Reducing administrative costs of technology assessment
  • Receiving full value from technology solutions

Navigant Solutions:

  • Technology strategy planning and development
  • Procurement support and process alignment
  • Value-based program management 

Navigant Differentiators:

  • Utility program and technology expertise improves analysis, reduces risk, and improves implementation success
  • Proven methodology and experience across renewables, smart grid, AMI, customer analytics, and grid and field operations enables a single partner to cost-effectively meet diverse business needs
  • Project acceleration through a model-based approach using Navigant's in-house, customized toolkits 


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