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DER Strategy and Implementation

DER Strategy and Implementation Solutions

Navigant helps utilities, vendors, and financiers make the right decisions and investments to manage the threats and exploit the opportunities associated with distributed energy resources (DER).

Typical Client Challenges:

  • Planning in a rapidly changing policy and regulatory landscape
  • Developing strategy in an evolving landscape of players and business models
  • Managing reliability and revenue with many individual market participants and resources

Navigant Solutions:

  • Market assessment
  • Regulatory support and a rate design
  • Strategy development and feasibility planning
  • System and operational impact assessment
  • Project and corporate due diligence
  • Business case development

Navigant Differentiators:

  • Dedicated team of research analysts that track the fast-moving landscape of DER policies, players, business models, and regulations
  • Insight from multiple directions because we work with utilities, project developers, regulators, corporate customers, and equipment vendors

Learn more about Navigant's iDER Maturity Assessment.




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