Electric Transmission Planning and Operations Solutions

Navigant provides planning and operations services to support clients' transmission development business objectives, maximize transfer capacity, enhance reliability, and maintain compliance with NERC and other requirements.

Typical Client Challenges:

  • Assessing business opportunity arising from competitive transmission opportunities
  • Developing projects to align with new transmission business models
  • Optimizing configuration for bulk power system capital projects
  • Assessing impacts of addition/retirement of central generation and distributed generation (DG) projects
  • Taking advantage of new operating data to enhance grid reliability

Navigant Solutions:

  • Transmission project development and regional representation
  • Transmission business strategy development
  • Near- and long-term planning studies
  • Generation retirement and DG impact assessment studies
  • Seasonal operating studies
  • O&M budget development and management
  • Transmission technology adoption strategies

Navigant Differentiators:

  • Project teams include former utility and ISO managers and engineers with significant industry experience
  • Deep industry knowledge that ensures that services provided are practical and compliant

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