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Renewable Energy Analysis

Renewable Energy Analysis Solutions

Navigant provides clients with systemic, objective studies to evaluate how well energy efficiency, demand response, or renewable programs are achieving intended goals.

Typical Client Challenges:

  • Ensuring the accuracy and objectivity of reporting on program results
  • Needing rigorous, defensible, timely, and cost-effective program impact estimates
  • Understanding energy efficiency (EE) as a building block for the Clean Power Plan
  • Managing capacity program bids

Navigant Solutions:

  • Engineering analysis
  • Econometrics analysis
  • Sample design
  • Data analytics
  • Cost-benefit analysis

Navigant Differentiators:

  • Collaborative approach involves partnering with clients so that evaluation reports deliver actionable strategies
  • Track record of delivering high-quality results within schedule and on budget minimize project costs
  • Well-established and robust evaluation methods ensure objectivity and defensibility

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