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GKS Wind Benchmarking

GKS Wind Benchmarking Solutions

Navigant’s GKS Wind benchmarking provides wind generators similar benefits as Navigant's GKS Fossil and GKS Hydro benchmarking services including:

  • A unique, integrated database of engineering design, operating history, unit characteristics, cost and performance data
  • An easy-to-use product featuring a "point-and-click" user interface for accessing and analyzing the benchmarking database
  • The basis for models and their analytic predictive capabilities
  • A high level of data confidentiality
  • Minimal data gathering effort with electronic transfers ensuring timely, accurate data
  • Support for performance improvement plans
  • Flexible, customized analysis of generating unit performance versus peer units as well as the ability to roll-up unit information to a higher level such as wind group or wind farm


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