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Navigant Research is a team of market research professionals providing in-depth analysis and insights focused on global clean technology markets. The team’s approach combines in-depth supply-side industry analysis, end-user primary research, sophisticated demand assessment, policy evaluation, and a deep examination of the business implications of emerging technologies across the evolving energy landscape. The team’s work is closely integrated with, and benefits from, the industry expertise of consulting subject matter experts. The team’s services include syndicated market research across a broad range of energy topics, custom research for individual clients, and high-level consulting projects. This proprietary intelligence is used by the world’s largest organizations in the manufacturing, utility, energy, government, and investment communities to make educated and informed decisions.

Research Programs include:


Navigant’s benchmarking services provide generation owners and operators with direct peer-to-peer comparisons of key cost and performance metrics on a confidential basis (access is limited to other subscribers, and individual identifying information is never disclosed). Comparisons can be filtered in a wide variety of ways to provide directly relevant insight into how a client’s specific unit compares with other similarly situated units, helping subscribers to identify areas of performance deficiencies, understand potential operational improvement areas, and more. Coupling the insights from the GKS Fossil, Hydro, and Wind benchmarking effort, Navigant has employed their Performance Excellence approach to identify significant areas of improvement to help clients succeed in today’s challenging markets.


GKS Wind Benchmarking

Navigant’s GKS Wind benchmarking provides wind generators similar benefits as Navigant's GKS Fossil and GKS Hydro benchmarking.


GKS Fossil®

Navigant's GKS Fossil® is the industry's premier benchmarking service for fossil-fired generation plants.


GKS Hydro®

GKS Hydro® benchmarking is a web-enabled subscription benchmarking service that provides a diagnostic assessment of each participating company's performance relative to industry peers.


MicroGADS Generation Performance Tracking

Navigant’s MicroGADS Gold stands alone as the time-tested, reliable leader for GADS reporting.


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