Risk Management, Compliance, and Security Solutions

Navigant provides risk management, compliance, and security assessments to strengthen entities' cyber and physical security, minimize non-compliance costs, and achieve mandatory enforceable standards compliance.

Typical Client Challenges:

  • Achieving compliance with the overlapping and complex cyber and physical regulatory demands
  • Saving time and minimizing costs through streamlined compliance processes
  • Strengthening cyber and physical security to reduce the threat and impact of security attacks

Navigant Solutions:

  • Implementing NERC CIP-014
  • Internal controls enhancement
  • Develop cyber and physical security plans
  • Vulnerability analysis and mitigation
  • Performing threat and vulnerability assessments of critical infrastructure
  • Develop security plans, processes, and procedures that are designed to deter, detect, and delay
  • Implement emergency management policy and procedures
  • Provide recommendations to strengthen security programs and apply industry best practices
  • Reviewing CFATS and MTSA compliance programs
  • Exercising physical security response
  • Develop workplace violence and insider threat policies, training, and exercises

Navigant Differentiators:

  • Clear guidance leveraging our team's experience as former NERC and regional entity executives
  • Comprehensive approach to risk management and security ensuring practical, compliant, and sustainable solutions



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