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1. Community Outreach

Navigant employees contribute thousands of hours each year to local organizations in a variety of capacities. We embrace skills-based volunteerism and share our skills and expertise with communities in need.

Navigant's efforts are guided by a commitment to educate and empower tomorrow's leaders through mentorship, community welfare programs, board memberships and other volunteerism. Over the years, we’ve donated more than $4 million to non-profit organizations throughout the United States, Canada, and the UK. Financial support is bestowed through our two philanthropic organizations: The Lending a Hand Foundation in the United States and Canada, and The Navigant Foundation in the United Kingdom.


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2. Environmental Sustainability

Navigant aims to efficiently leverage our shared resources, raise awareness of environmentally responsible practices, reduce our carbon footprint and promote a culture of environmental stewardship.

We are proud to hold a Forest Stewardship Council certification for ensuring large-scale print projects undergo sustainable production and distribution.

Navigant supports virtual employment and flexible work arrangements, thereby limiting the environmental impact of commuting. Office recycling guidelines help reduce waste materials and we encourage the use of communication technologies to help minimize non-essential travel and transportation-related environmental impacts.

Our long-term sustainability goals fit into the following five categories.


Navigant encourages awareness and engagement among all employees through training, education, and recognition. We seek to increase the visibility of our commitment to the environment by encouraging team members to take action in their homes and communities.


We assist clients in improving the environmental sustainability of their products, services, facilities and operations.

Energy & Emissions

Navigant reduces our energy and emissions footprint by selecting efficient office spaces and promoting use of public transportation. We also track energy consumed and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions produced in the course of our business operations.

Waste & Water

Navigant’s sustainability efforts include reducing waste in offices by eliminating disposable kitchen supplies and promoting recycling and composting.

Supply Chain

Navigant is committed to implementing green procurement practices that account for the lifetime environmental impacts of goods and services bought and consumed.

3. 1 Million X 2020

Navigant is dedicated to our ‘1M x 2020’ campaign, a Firm-wide goal to positively impact one million youth by the year 2020 by preparing them for college and their professional careers. This initiative is at the center of Navigant’s corporate citizenship platform to empower the leaders of tomorrow.

Our participation ranges from hands-on service where we work directly with students and their families, to donating items for those in need, to financial contributions. The 1M x 2020 campaign does not change our current efforts; it allows us to grow and improve upon them.

Navigant employees will reach one million youth by:

  • Utilizing our Core Skills. We address challenges with specialized, unique and cross-practice skills - our ability to apply innovative and creative approaches to a variety of problems also applies to preparing children for college and career success.
  • Focusing on Learning and Gaining Knowledge. Our greatest asset is our people – and what makes Navigant unique is the intelligence, tenacity, and creativity of our people. 1M x 2020’s focus is on applying these attributes to help the youth in our communities prepare for college and for their careers.
  • Leveraging our Entrepreneurial Spirit. We pride ourselves in our ability to work with diverse clients and adapt to any situation. 1M x 2020 means working with students, non-profits, community programs, government leaders and other stakeholders to develop new ways to improve students’ college and career success.
  • Leadership Development. At the core of any college or career readiness program is developing leaders who can adapt to their changing environment and excel during times of challenge and confusion. Our employees lead by example.

Visit the 1Mx2020 interactive website designed to show progress towards our goal to better prepare one million youth for college and careers by the year 2020.  The website includes a running tally of the number of children we have impacted and stories of our efforts related to the 1Mx2020 initiative.consumed.

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