MicroGADS Generation Performance Tracking

As mandatory reporting of North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) Generating Availability Data System (GADS) data becomes a reality, Navigant’s MicroGADS Gold stands alone as the time-tested, reliable leader for GADS reporting.  

Since 1987, power generators across the globe have used Navigant’s MicroGADS software solution for collecting and analyzing generation and reliability data.  MicroGADS Gold provides:

  • Dependability
  • Ease-of-use
  • Outstanding client support
  • The industry standard
  • Industry experience

Nearly 200 companies use Navigant’s MicroGADS Gold software at more than 2,000 generation units worldwide. This figure is far more than half of all the NERC-reporting generators.

MicroGADS Gold is a comprehensive software solution designed specifically for GADS reporting and includes the ability to:

  • Gather, input, and error-check event and performance data and submission to either an Independent System Operator (ISO), including state and regional ISO organizations (NYISO, ISO-NE, PJM, MISO) or NERC.
  • Analyze current and historical event and performance data, including energy availability factor (EAF), Equivalent Forced Outage Rate (EFOR), and Demand Equivalent Forced Outage Rate (EFORd).



  • Why MicroGADS Gold?

  • Representative MicroGADS User List

  • Cover your own ISO and NERC Reporting Requirements


MicroGADS Gold also provides:

  • An all-new flexible, ad-hoc reporting environment
  • The convenience of a browser-based user interface
  • A single, integrated environment for all GADS-related reporting and analysis requirements
  • One set of databases running locally or on the user’s server
  • Dozens of implemented enhancements recommended by MicroGADS users
  • Seamless operation with Microsoft SQL Server
  • A convenient Navigant hosting option that allows users to access MicroGADs without investing in new hardware or software

Current MicroGADS users can contact support at 888.295.4769 or

To ensure consistency in the industry and to facilitate meaningful statistics and reports, MicroGADS strictly adheres to NERC standards for GADS data reporting and analysis outlined in the NERC Data Reporting Instructions Manual.

For more information on NERC GADS Services, go to:  

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