Resource Potential

Navigant’s Resource Potential consultants work with clients across North America to identify the resource potential of energy efficiency, demand response, and renewable energy. Our experts provide guidance to utilities, energy and regulatory agencies, and non-profit organizations that are looking to expand their demand side management (DSM) programs, develop the DSM aspects of integrated resource plans, or comply with energy efficiency legislative or regulatory requirements.

Our team conducts vital studies for utilities and agencies that are new to DSM and those with long-standing DSM programs. The latter group uses Navigant studies to develop the DSM aspects of integrated resource plans. These client studies range from small-scale studies using secondary information to full-scale studies using in-depth, targeted customer surveys to profile the utility’s or state’s customer base.

Our Resource Potential Studies commonly feature:

  • Baseline Customer Profiles, including telephone surveys, on-site surveys, and secondary regional information.
  • DSM Measure Characterization, including energy and peak demand savings, costs, and lifetimes that are estimated using building simulation models, engineering estimates, and published sources.
  • Benefit-Cost Analysis for California Standard Practice tests: Participant, Utility/Program Administrator, Rate Impact, Total Resource Cost, and Societal. This analysis can be performed using spreadsheet or proprietary models depending on client preference, and conducted for each measure, all programs and the portfolio as a whole.
  • Benchmarking and Best Practices Analysis to develop ultimate calibration targets for DSM potential estimates and to ensure that the ultimate potential estimates are realistic compared to actual DSM industry experience. Our analysis identifies median savings and costs for utilities conducting large-scale DSM programs and provides program practices that can lead to high savings and low-cost programs.
  • DSM Potential Modeling is based on each client’s unique needs and provides Excel models with linked spreadsheets for activities like benefit-cost analysis, and uses stock accounting functionality. Clients can also use Analytica models with functionality that is similar to that of the Excel model and provides additional graphical features. Simple spreadsheet models provide clients with quick, inexpensive analyses.

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